“I can rest easy during the day knowing Dad is more than taken care of — he’s thriving!”

Services at Daytime give you peace of mind knowing all your needs are taken care of. Our staff goes above and beyond to create an atmosphere where each individual can thrive.

Experience the Joys of Daytime!

  • On-site Nursing Staff

  • Medication Management

  • Chef-Curated Meals

  • Salon Services

  • Full Calendar of Activities

  • Day Trips + Bus Rides

  • Chapel Services + Events

  • Working Movie Theatre

Enjoying an Active Lifestyle

An active life is a happy life! We make sure our Daytimers make the most of their day by staying active and engaged with everything from exercise classes, to dancing, to day trips. Our staff encourages full body wellness, and we strive to enable each individual to be as active and healthy as possible.

Embracing A Social Community

Daytime center creates an atmosphere for seniors to connect. With a variety of amenities and activities, it’s easy for everyone to jump right in and become a part of our community. Enjoy time with friends over a card game in the social club, a shared meal in the soda shop, gardening in the community market, music and events in the chapel and more!

Explore Main Street

Main Street at Daytime Center is where it all happens!