Take A Walk Down Main Street at Daytime!

Take A Walk Down Main Street at Daytime!

Comforting and familiar structures, styles, and facades create a fun and approachable setting to engage with.

Designed to take care of needs while inspiring joy!

  • Norman’s Care Clinic

  • Vickie’s Soda Shop

  • Chandler’s Social Club

  • Spout Spring General Store

  • Caitlyn’s Salon & Barber Shop

  • R&P Movie Theatre

  • The Pratt Chapel

  • Christopher’s Maritime Emporium

Caitlyn’s Salon & Barber Shop

Looking our best helps us to feel our best! At Daytime we have weekly salon and barber days in house, so you don’t have to worry about finding the time to go. Our staff will take care of scheduling your visit, and our professional hair stylist will get you just the right cut!

Dr. Norman’s Care Clinic

Our on-site nursing staff provides daily oversight and gives you the security knowing health care is nearby if and when you need it. If you’re feeling unwell, our clinic allows a private space for care. Our care team also assists with medication management, making sure you take the right doses at the right times.

Vickie’s Soda Shop

With an upbeat and vintage design, Vickie’s Soda Shop is a throwback to good times with great friends and classic food. Create new memories here with a community of friends over a shared meal — or just a conversation and a soda!

R&P Movie Theatre

Our working movie theatre is the perfect place to unwind after an active day. Check out what’s playing on the vintage marquee, and step into a comfortable space where you can watch all of the classics on our wall-sized screen.

Spout Spring General Store

Located right on our main street, the General Store is a community market that provides a variety of amenities from special snacks to vertical tower gardening. It’s always exciting to stop by and see what’s going on for the day at the store!

Chandler’s Social Club

Our main hub for day to day activities, Chandler’s social club is a happening place for card games and board games, painting and craft classes, and social events with all of your new friends here at Daytime!

The Pratt Chapel

The Pratt Chapel is a large space for all kinds of events like visiting musical acts and performances, educational speakers, holiday events, and more! Featuring vintage pews from Thomas Road Baptist Church, our chapel also hosts church services and provides a space for religious activities.

Christopher’s Maritime Emporium


The Maritime  Emporium is a multisensory room that inspires both stimulation and relaxation. Proven to reduce stress, agitation, and the need for certain medications our multisensory rooms are specifically designed to help seniors who struggle with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The creative, engaging interior and working aquarium will be an exciting space that everyone can enjoy.

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